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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Daring Darlings

Fashionable belt @ RM20-25 negotiable. :)

Purple/ black lacey MNG top (size S) @ RM20.
Owner has plenty of nice dresses (size XS-S) to let go. Are you sure, Aisha (the owner)? Is it because owner's has gained some weight? haha... I am very curious!!

Henmei Tudung 4 segi/ shawls, RM2-5 each.

I spotted this, lacey, beige and sweet top. Very "somerset" look, but it is RM18 only.

Hey working newbies, looking for new & trendy working clothes? Check this out, brand new black/white satin ruffles top (free size) @ RM20 each only!!


Jacket anyone? You can wear this in college, or even after gym.

The weather is so hot lately. Sleeveless top and short pant are the MUST HAVE items in everyone's wardrobe. :)
Sales! Sales! Sales! Alirey's beautiful garbage is having 24-hour (12 a.m. - 12 a.m.) sale from 26th May till 2nd June. Check them out every midnight!

Denim jacket, mini skirt, jeans are never out of trend and we wear it most of the time.

Raya is coming. Are you looking for clothes for raya? How about Kebaya cheongsam (size L)?
RM120 (included postage), you are allowed to pay installment!! huh?! ...

I found many branded dresses in this blog. BCBG, Chloe, Marc Jacobs... All price are slashed (I think, *giggles*. ... I never been into these boutiques before, Bcos I can't afford any of these brand at this moment. sigh...) It is stated that these dresses are all new and never worn before.

Reselling 3

you can wear it as a dress or match it with legging as a top
Price: bid from RM19
Please email to seller @ feliciazoe@rocketmail.com
Blue dress @ RM15

Pink lacey top @ RM15

Name: Felicia
Items name & descriptions: They are in good condition, pre-loved clothes.
Delivery method: dlivery through pos express/ pos laju. COD is only at Masjid Jamek
Reason(s) of reselling: Its brand NEW

Friday, May 29, 2009


To All Pre-loved Blogshop's Owners,

If you want me to review specific items in your blog, you can suggest them to me by sending an email. Em... Owners might want to "get rid" of certain thing(s) "urgent"ly.
If not, I will select any items I think it looks nice to me/ readers might like it. *wink*

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scarf (51cm x 49cm) @ RM 7 each.


For those who are looking for maxi dresses. :)

Brand new body glove mini-T @ RM21

Foxxy Wardrobe

Tommy Hilfiger Denim Pleats@ RM 25.

Belts @ RM5 each.

Pre-loved for dude.

Orang polka dot At RM20.

Looking for bags for college/shopping/dating/dinner? RM10-15 each only.
Name: Blue/Pink Swarovski
Description: Real Swarovski Crystals.
Bought from Bead4Sale
Price: RM 3

Trendy necklace from RM10 onward.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wunny's Preloveyyyy

You can find many shirts, dresses, and bags in her blogshop. :) They are having promotion now, FREE Postage. :)

See what I found... GOLD BOOMBOX BAGSo unique. RM25 only.

Color to Thrill

Leather bag (eLLphe brand) for sales. Used twice, RM70.

About the Daughter

For Zara, MNG, Roxy, GAP lovers.

Fashion Loop

Gladiator is in the trend now!

Anyone who is interested, please contact seller!! GIVE her YOUR PRICE!

Reselling 2 - Free Postage!!

Name: Lemonty
Email add: lemonty@yahoo.com
Items name & descriptions: Brown Big checkered tight, 70 denier, fits S-L, brand NEW!!
Price: RM18 (Bought @ RM29.90)
Delivery method: FREE Pos Express
Reason(s) of reselling: Bought too many pairs at one time!! I thought it is like normal stocking, will tear easily, but its material is very good, do not torn easily, can be wore for many times.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pre-loved Blogshops

Bunny Hide Out

This month is Owner's birthday month. "Happy birthday babe!!" Price mark down and free postage!! Yeah... come on and celebrate together!!

They offer used and new branded clothes for babies and kids. Babies/kids grow very fast, economy is no so good now, may be you don't mind a 2nd hand clothes for your babies/ kids?

With every purchase in 2ndHand Corner, you will get a FREE necklace!! Only 5 available. Grab now!!

For polka dot lovers, Worn twice, Size 6/37. It is selling @RM24.

Chaos Closet's owner got a bunch of clothes that deserved to the new owner. They are having sales now!!

Did you ever experience this? "You spotted a branded bag, but not sure to buy it or not... may be too expensive? may be you have one which you are using now is similar style? or... So you think and think and think over again... and after somedays or months... When you decided to buy it, walk into the shop, it is already OUT of STOCK?! sigh... May be Sue's can help you! She has some authentic & new branded bags to sell!!

Preloved Reloved is founded by 2 girls who have been friends since primary school. What attract me is their wide collections of dangling charmers. 3 pairs of earing @ RM10 with FREE Pos express!! Good deal hah?! check them for more promotions!! :)

The owner is letting go some of her own stuff to make room for new purchases. :) Prices are low and items are in mint or brand new condition. From RM8 and above. Check it out! :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pre-loved Blogshop

The Secret Chamber

This pre-loved blogshop is selling brand new shirts (@ RM26 each) and dresses that she bought from pre-order blogshops. Might be not her size, not her style... BUT may be it's yours?! :)

Reselling 1 - Free Postage!!

Item 1

Beige, 2 inches, bought it from Pretty Fit (in Mid Valley), brand new, suitable for work wear
Size: Pretty Fit 6/37
Price: RM40 (Bought it @ RM69.90)

Item 2

Peep toe black heel, 3 inches, Bought from Cat Whisker, brand new.
size: vincci 6/37
Price: RM40 (Bought it at RM69.90)
Reason of reselling: It is too tight for me.

Item 3

red & white, 1 inch, bought it from Tangs (brand: STUDIO), brand new.
Size: Vincci 6/37
Price: RM39 (Bought it @ RM59.90)

Reason of reselling: It is too red for me. :(

If you interested in any of the items as above, please contact the following info:
Name: Jane
Delivery method: Free Registered pos RM5

Which is your favorite Preloved Blogshop for the Month of November 2009?

Which is your favorite Preloved Blogshop for the Month of December 2009?