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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Malaysia!!

The tema for 52th Independent day is
1 Malaysia, Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapian Diutamakan.
Happy birthday, Malaysia; happy holidays, everyone!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Looking for casual dresses?!

Quirky Soul

Stretchable Jersey Dress (clincher not included)
Size : Free ( M to XL)
Condition: Washed, intended to wear but ended up never worn. (except for trying)
RM 30

**pics credited to jujuwiwi

Brand new. fits uk6-12
Perfect cutting and in black. suitable for those lazy days ;)

Brand new! Fits XS-XL
HIGH QUALITY lycra cotton, soft and smooth

Fits XS-M. Brand: workofart. *Brand new with tag*
RM 25

Request 3

Name: Winnie Gill
Requests: I'm looking for (i) Shorts. Something casual enough for at home. (ii) Stripped t-shirts. Something like those in the pics attached.

Reselling 36 - Free Postage!!

Item 1 Black Shimmery blouse
Item descriptions: , Satin, Black, Free size
Photos: *pic credited to Sweet Toothsome
Price: RM25 including postage/COD
Reason(s) of reselling: Have too many blouses d.

Item 2 Satin white tube top
Item descriptions: Free size, Satin, White.
Photos: *Photo credited to Shoppink Queen
Price: RM20 including postage
Reason(s) of reselling: Doesn’t suit me

Item 3 Black n White Halter dress
Item descriptions: Free size, Lycra, Black n white.
Price: RM49 including postage/COD
Reason(s) of reselling: Doesn’t suit me

Item 4 Pink ribbon blouse
Item descriptions: Free size, Cotton, Pink
Price: RM32 including postage/COD
Reason(s) of reselling: Kinda tight for me (shoulder part) Item 5 Lacey beige top
Item descriptions: Free size, Lace, Beige
Photos: *Pic credited to Shopping Gazebo
Price: RM34 including postage/COD
Reason(s) of reselling: Kinda small for me.

If you are interested in any of the items as above (Reselling 36), Please contact:

Name: Michelle
Delivery method: Postage : PosEkpress, Reg pos, COD : Sunway Pyramid main entrance, Klang

Reselling 35

Name: Nadia fuad
Items name & descriptions: Square Gold Vintage Bag / Black / High Quality PU / Height(25cm) Base(30cm x 8cm)
Price: RM30.00 (bought at rm45.00)
Delivery method: Postage
Reason(s) of reselling: Impulse buying (used less than 5 times)

Reselling 34 - SOLD!!

Name: Jane (Yes! it is mine. haha...)
Email add: prelovedblog@gmail.com
Item name: Low back black top
Item decripstions: Brand NEW!! Fabric: Cotton, elastic: strong, flat-sided heavy volume size: length: 81cm, Shoulder Width: 38cm, Sleeve Length: 13cm, Bust: 90cm with elastic, arm Wai: 40cm, sleeve: 38cm, Hem Width: 112cm
Price: RM30 (pos express included)
Reason of reselling: Impulse buy

Friday, August 28, 2009

Lelong Lelong Marketplace!!

Any plan for tomorrow?
There is a bazaar organized by Biatch Bible in
Asia Cafe, SS15, Subang Jaya from 10am to 6pm tomorrow.
See you there!!

Click at the poster for more information.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

VOTE for Preloved Blogshop for the Month of October 2009

The Nominees are:

Nominees without logo:

Did you ever shop here? Did you ever buy something from this review blog?
Vote for your favourite preloved blogshop(s) for the month of October 2009 NOW!!
CLICK on the banners/ links to find out more. :)

Poll will end on Sept 24, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nomination for Preloved Blogshop of the Month of October

Be the first 10 to email me (prelovedblog@gmail.com) to nominate yourself or your favourite preloved blogshop to be the Preloved Blogshop of the Month of October. :) (Sorry babes, too late to run for September now... hehe...)

Your email must have the following info:
Blogshop name:
Blogshop url:
Blogshop logo: *Attachment*
The winner will be granted... One month of advertisement on top of the postings (worth RM10 per month)!!
Act now!! :)

Lots of love,

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Reselling 33

Name: MissJ
Items name & descriptions: A DESIGNER'S DRESS !authentic !wore ONCE. LIKE NEWWWW! Measurements: waist = 40cm ++. Material: satin like (very very very confortable), stretchable! Colour: (grey/silver)
Price: 130 (can nego) [Original price: RM 890]
Delivery method: Pos laju
Reason(s) of reselling: impulse buying ... zzz

Reselling 32 - Free Postage!!

Name: tina
Items name & descriptions (eg. measurement, material, color... ): Moussy Jeans (Japanese famous brand), Size: 24 (Waist 27", Hips 32", Rise 6.5", Inseam 31.5", Length 37.5", Leg Opening 17"), Material: 95% cotton 5% spandex, stretchable, distressed blue
Price: RM45 (includes postage)
Delivery method: By Pos
Reason(s) of reselling: Too small for me! :((

Request 2

Request Item 1 : Checkered top Long sleeve with smocked back as in http://brain-braun-beauty.blogspot.com/
Price: Less than RM35.

Request item 2: Floral Chiffon/Cotton topFloral top with ruffles as seen in http://the7th-day.blogspot.com/
Price: Less than RM30

Name: Norizah.
Requests: Can u help me to find these tops? If u have any, do email me at haziron87@yahoo.com

Preloved blosghops - Tops

Front view

Back view

Fits size S-M.
RM21 each or RM 36 for BOTH ;)

Both Size S

RM10 (white) and RM12 (pink)
Price is included postage!! :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reselling 31

Item 1
Items name & descriptions: black, quality knitwear, free size fits S or M
Price: RM20
Delivery method: courier only
Reason(s) of reselling: no longer interested

Item 2
Items name & descriptions: green, knitwear
Price: RM10
Delivery method: courier only
Reason(s) of reselling: no longer interested.

If you are interested in any of the items as above (Reselling 30), Please contact:

Name: Sandra
Email add: grandsand@gmail.com

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reselling 30 - Free Postage!!

Pic credit to ablinc

Name: nadrah hafizah
Email add: nadrah_afeeza@yahoo.com
Items name & descriptions : Sapphire blue (darker in real life), hugs the body without letting the tummy out! Material: THICK LYCRA*stretchable AND flowy!!* Length: 120cm. Underarm: 31-45 cm. Bust: 34-45 cm
Price: RM68 (inclusive postage). [bought for RM68 (without postage)]
Delivery method: via pos laju
Reason(s) of reselling: Impulse buy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reselling 29

Name: Jinny Tan
Email add: Babee520@gmail.com
Items name & descriptions: Bust:80--90cm. Shoulder:36cm. Sleeves:12cm. Waist:78cm. Length:82cm
Price: RM25
Delivery method: By pos. Sorry no COD
Reason(s) of reselling: Doesnt quite suit me.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Still Sales?!

Because these stuff, need to seriously go. And so, to aid the wardrobe de-cluttering and the burden on your pockets,

Stuff R Love is declaring: PRICE SLASH! :D



Petite Preloved is having MASSIVE SALES NOW!
Certain pieces have been marked down. All items not more than RM 50!

If you have been eye-ing a certain piece but was over ur budget, now is the time to grab it!



*Sales will end on 30th August 2009.
*Stay tune for more updates & sales coming your way! :)

Which is your favorite Preloved Blogshop for the Month of November 2009?

Which is your favorite Preloved Blogshop for the Month of December 2009?