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Delivery method: Postage/COD charges and places
Reason(s) of reselling:

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Preloved Blogshops - Tops

Sgt Baik

White lovely cotton top
size : S-M
Price: RM20

Brand New T-shirt (size S)
Material: Cotton
Price: rm25 each (Postage included)

worn less than 5 times. still in a good condition. Fit S

Brand new colourful handmate tee at RM25

NEW Lady in Red
Fits UK6-UK10. Soft comfortabe cotton
Excellent condition. Brand new!
RM25 only (Really worth it for a two-piece!)

Brand NEW sexy low back pinky peach shirt, fits size S-M, stretchable
Bought from Momoe. SEXY low back!!
Selling at RM20

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Preloved Blogshops - Dress

Someone in your family/ friend is getting married soon? And you are appointed to be her bridemaid? :) Looking for white dresses? Visit the following blogshops!!

My Fair Lady

Brand NEW White off-shoulder dress , fits size S-L
Material: Elastic cotton (soft feel and comfortable)
Smocked off shoulder sleeves.(Belt is not included)
Price: RM35

White dress, worn once (10/10)
Size: free size
Condition: Price: RM30

Preloved Blogshops - Accessories

Earings @ RM 3 per pair
Plasticine like flowers + wooden beads @ RM5

Preloved Blogshops - Books

For those who love to read.
Second hand book From RM15-20

Preloved Blogshops - Plus size

It's Fashion for Ladies

Brand New Stripe Black & White Formal Blouse - SOLD!!
Suitable for work and can be worn with black slacks for elegant fashion
Size: XL (Can Fit UK10 till UK14)
Price: RM28

Preloved Blogshops - Bags (Updated 20/7/09)

Stuff R love
Brand new black and brown bag@ RM37

Brand new white bag with scarf @ RM42

Bag (bought from Egypt). that u can carry it all the way to skool, shopping or praying class (for Muslim). Fit A4 size file even a lappy. a thorn at upper the bag but not seen easily.
Size : email me for measurement (prox fits F4 size)
Condition : 9/10 (only thorn upper the bag,the rest was totally good!!)
Price : RM 5.00

Mini Bag [6.5" x 6.5" (strap long : 11")]
PreOwned (never been used). Blue, flower and brown
3 for RM12 only (or RM5 each)

BRAND NEW White Chanel Inspired sling bag. (SOLD!!)
Measurement: Width 28cm - Height 20cm - Sling length - 99cm - Bottom width - 4cm
RM50 including Pos Express (Bought at RM69)

Reselling 17 - SOLD!!

*photo credit to Amour Lover Baby

Item 1 Green V-Neck top - SOLD!! (on June 28)
Description: Brand new with tag, worn for trying purposes only
Price: RM23.00 (including postage by Pos Ekspress)
Reason for selling: Doesn't really fit me as well as I would like it to :(

*photo credit to Stinky Dresses

Item 2 White Off-Shoulder Top - SOLD!!
Description: Brand new with tag, worn for trying purposes only. Comes with chain as in picture. A little sheer, probably have to wear something underneath as well :) I love you NOT's comment: Suitable for those who are planning to go to waterpark or beach, you can wear your bikini inside!! You definitely look sexy!!
Price: RM25.00 including postage by posekspress
Reason for selling: Impulse buy. Doesn't suit me :(

Name: Wai Yi
Delivery method: Pos Express or COD at PJ/Bangsar at my convenience
Prices may be negotiable :)

Reselling 16

Name: Amira
Items name & descriptions: Riian London Satin Silk Dress, Size S fit small M, Length 96cm, Brand NEW with tag (never worn).
Photos: Please email owner if you need more pics. :)
Price: RM 60 (bought at RM129)
Delivery method: By pos/COD Gombak, Setapak, Wangsa Maju free. Other places can be discuss via email
Reason(s) of reselling: Now im wearing tudung, so have no chance to wear this lovely dress!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Reselling 15

Items 1 Hot Pants
Descriptions: Size S. advisable to wear low cut. One black (shiny black cotton) & 1 dark brown (cotton). Bought from Philippines. Did not get to wear a lot of times because too many hot pants.
Price: RM 17 each (not including postage)
Reason(s) of reselling: Cannot fit in anymore!

Item 2 Little Red Flower Dress.
Descriptions: Size S/M. Stretchable with sponge attached. Bought from Philippines. Only worn once.
Price: RM 23 (not including postage)
Reason(s) of reselling: Just bought whole lot of new dresses.

Item 3 Polka Dot/Bubble Dress
Descriptions : Size S/M. Stretchable. worn once.
Price: RM 25 (not including postage)
Reason(s) of reselling: Just bought whole lot of new dresses.
Item 4 Mini Jeans Skirt
Descriptions : Size S. Advisable to wear low cut. Length 11cm, worn a few times.
Price: RM 30 (not including postage)
Reason(s) of reselling: Cannot fit in anymore!

Item 5 Sweet Pink Blouse
Descriptions : . Size S/M. Worn less than 5 times.
Price: RM 15 (not including postage)
Reason(s) of reselling: Bought a lot of new tops.

If you are interested in any of the items as above (Reselling 15), Please contact:
Name: Clara
Delivery method: Upon customer's request. Clara (the owner) is from Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia.

Reselling 14

Item 1 Racerback dress
Description: Bought only this week from Blook. To be worn as a long top paired with tights. never worn, in perfect condition. Price tag is still attached.
Material : comfortable cotton,
Size : free size (fits s and m best)
Reason for selling: It was an impulse buy
Price: RM 40

ITEM 2 Wrap-around top
Description: Bought from SUB. It can be tied in many ways. Tube is not included. Never worn, in perfect condition. Perfect for a night out.
Material : cotton
Size: size M
Reason for selling : Have conservative parents. :p
Price : RM 50 (bought at RM69.90)

ITEM 3 Puff-sleeved jacket (with a hoodie)
Description: Bought from P & Co, turquoise/bluish colour, comes with 2 side-pockets, worn twice.
Material : thick cotton,
Size : size S
Reason for selling: I have enough jackets.:)
Price: RM 38 (bought at RM49.90-price is negotiable)

ITEM 4 Red and white halter-neck & flower-motif dress
Description: Brand new, moked back, knee-length. Perfect for a casual day/a stroll along the beach. Material : thick cotton
Size : free size
Reason for selling : Have an almost similiar dress, and dont need two:)
Price : RM 49 (bought at RM 69.90 from Cats Whiskers)

If you are interested in any of the items as above (Reselling 14), Please contact:

Name: Anitha Yraj
Email add: anitha_yraj@hotmail.com
Delivery Method : only COD at plaza damas/hartamas shopping centre.(or anywhere in the hartamas area is open for discussion) :)

Reselling 13

Item 1: 100% Authentic Guess handbag (Large)
Colour: Brown and white (Animal print)
Price: RM300
Reason(s) of reselling: Brand new,never got a chance 2 use it..deserves a better owner:)
Interested buyers,pls mail me 4 further details/photos k:)
Item 2: 100% Authentic Guess handbag (Large)
Colour: Beige and black
Price: RM250
Reason(s) of reselling: Used only once,in excellent condition..deserves a better owner:)

If you are interested in any of the items as above (Reselling 13), Please contact:

Name: Indhu
Email add: indhugal_fullmoon@yahoo.com
Delivery method: Either Poslaju or COD. Preferable COD.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reselling 12

(Photos credited to ams)

Name: Sandra
Items name & descriptions : Quality Thin Cotton, Colour: Pink, Hidden floral
Size : Free size (Fits XS-M)Length : 57cm
Price: RM44 (brand new) Revised price: RM38 excl. postage
Postage: RM6 WM/RM8 EM (Pos Laju)
Reason(s) of reselling: too bold for me

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reselling 11 - REMOVED!!

I am too buzy lately, but would like to keep on updating this review blog. I overlooked. I didn't check properly, "Reselling 11" was sent by the pre-loved blogshop's owner, and after receiving good respond on the posted stuff in "Reselling 11", she (they) sent me more emails with different names and email adds, which she (they) might think I don't know... :( so that I can post her (their) items one by one as reselling. Actually I did a review on her (their) blogshop, so their items in those emails look familiar to me!! When I do a review, I really review... I go through everyone's blogshop before post any review. Sigh... I am very disappointed with her (their) actions.

To all blogshop owners: I am really sorry, I only will link and review your blogshop, because you have a blog that the readers can visit. If I would post all your stuff in my blog, this will turn this blog into your blogshop already... ?!

To the readers: For those who do not have any blog, then I will post up to 5 items as per request.

Thank you for all your support.


Reselling 10 - SOLD!!

Name: Ana
Items name & descriptions : guess bag
Price:70 including postage
Reason(s) of reselling: seldom use it.:)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Worn once, still in good condition.

Fits size XS-M.

Functional gold exposed zipper in front, tie-back ribbon.

Selling the one in black.RM30

Baju Kurung/ blouses @ RM10-15 only. :)

(Pic credited to forgotten boutique)
Deep rich purple comfy long top
Selling at RM30 (Original price: RM55)

(Pic credits to masonlineshop)
BRAND NEW, best fits S or M best, RM 35

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Reselling 9

ITEM 1 - Long Yellow Cardi (from Eclectic Cut)

Descriptions: super comfy cotton + wool, pretty shade of yellow! best fits UK8 & UK10..most likely a UK12 too
Price: RM35 (perfect condition + never worn) but negotiable ;)
Reason(s) of reselling: i love the color & material but i have too many cardigans tsk

ITEM 2 - Checkered Tunic (from 47 YKJ E-Boutique)

Descriptions: Black & white checks, bf inspired, comfy light cotton; free size (fits S - small L)Price: RM35 (great condition!) negotiable ;)
Reason(s) of reselling: this top is v.cute, love the pockets especially..but cant button up at the bust *sigh*

If you are interested of any items as above, please contact:

Name: Qills
Delivery method: Preferably COD at Subang, Sunway & Shah Alam, can be discussed

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Hi everybody!!
I love you, NOT 's reviewer has preloved stuff too!! After reviewed so many blogshops, she decided to open her own blogshop too...
My name is Jane, love shopping very much too!! I have all the reasons to buy something that I spotted. Sometime when I can't decide which color to buy, I will... each color buy one... but never use them at all!! Haha... Is this sound familiar?!
Her blogshop, "My Fair Lady" is NOW opening!!
My younger sister volunteer to manage it. We are selling our preloved stuff (used and brand new) at very CHEAP price, and brand NEW clothes and accessories!! Used preloved stuff are cheaper than those brand NEW preloved, I hope the price is reasonable. :) Other than selling preloved stuff, we want to venture into business world too... like the other blogshops, we will bring in some new arrival, (new stuff of course) to sell!!
It is not compulsory for you to buy from me... haha... I am going to continue to link your blogshop and review your preloved stuff, and my sis will manage the "business"!! ok? No "hard sales"!
Please drop by!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Greenish gold kebaya top, fit S-L, RM 39

Whipped Graffiti n Cream (Pic credits to http://eclecticcut.blogspot.com/)
Brand new, fits bigger UK6-8
Bought at RM58 including postage, now selling at only RM50!

Dorothy Perkin sleeveless tunic top, Size UK8, RM14

Selling the brown vest and the white top, fits UK4-8
Bought from A Fashion Obsession
Price: RM30, worn once :)
Material: Thin Denim, smocked behind, free inner white ruffled top, three buttons at halterneck meant for adjustment
(Photo & Description taken from A Fashion Obsession)

Radioactive brown skirt ,size L
Original price: RM69.90, but the owner is offering RM24.00.

Brand NEW t-shirt @ RM9

WHITE HEELS (Brand: FABIANO RICCO) 2 inches, size 5/ 36, used once.

For those who love to read. Second hand book, RM10-15 only.

Brand: Esarli
Color: Shiny black
Condition: Used once/twice at max. (used indoor, carpeted office)
Price: RM 45 (sorry if its a bit pricey. Condition is like brand new, and the sole of the shoes are still very clean)
Size: 6/37
Dual tone dress
Condition: Brand New. Never worn.
Bought at : RM 40
Selling at: RM 40 (coz it's brand new, and never been worn)
Length: 37"
Material: White top - soft material, Black skirt - thick cotton (White top and black skirt are nondetachable)

Sweet little floral top, fits UK 4-10, worn once @ RM 16

Preloved for toddlers!!
Pumpkin Patch Collection, imported from Australia!
All items are still brand new & have never worn before!
* The Pumpkin Patch tag is still intact!

Which is your favorite Preloved Blogshop for the Month of November 2009?

Which is your favorite Preloved Blogshop for the Month of December 2009?