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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Economic Crisis 2009

You must be wonder why I posted a topic on economic crisis. :) I am very emo today...

Time is bad. Many can't find job, and many lost their job too. Cannot support the family... Does this mean that people should rob and snatch to survive?
My house was broken in yesterday noon!! One whole box of clothes & accessories that we are selling in www.myfairlady09.blogspot.com was taken by the robbers. We lost many valuable stuff too. If you are interested in any item in My Fair lady, please hold on. We are still not sure what else left. sob, sob... :(

Lately many houses in my housing area were broken in , but no action is taken to date. Don't the police should ensure the community safety? Since our cops is doing nothing, so do you agree with this statement? "Robbing is faster than earning?"

When we walk on the street, we worry that someone will snatch us. When we drive, we worry that someone will rob our car. When we stay at home? Someone will break in. What is wrong with this community? Where is safe now? Please suggest.


  1. yeah.
    crimes are everywhere now..
    i just experienced a guy who came right into my door and staring at me. I think at once he's deciding whether or not he'll rob my hse. My he decided not to, so he just went away. It was so demmit scary ok!! He's less 20m from me :( I locked the door ever since..

    It's been advised that we arent supposed to use sling bag because the strap might be easily pull by the robbers. Just sharing some thoughts..

    heart, I'm sorry for u. Be more careful ok? :)

  2. Thanks for your concern and sharing. :)

    At least he thinks before he rob. :) Rare case!!

    I wonder how is the feeling of robbing?! Is it very excited? And how is the feeling of spending the stolen money or using the stolen stuff?! haha...


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Which is your favorite Preloved Blogshop for the Month of December 2009?