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This is NOT a blogshop!! This is a place where you can submit your pre-loved items (brand new/ worn clothes, shoes, accessories... ) or mistake purchases, or any other reasons... that you want to get rid off... :(

Send an email to me to post up so that others can buy them. IT IS FREE OF CHARGE!! Each reader is only allowed up to 5 items. Anyone interested to purchase your item(s) will have to email you about it. If you want to post more than 5 items, you are mostly welcomed! Every subsequent 5 items will be charged RM8. :)

All you need to do is email me the following information @ prelovedblog@gmail.com. Please remember to label you attachments!! I will ignore your email, if you do not follow the following format and do not label the attached photos accordingly.

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Blogshop website: (If any)
Item name:
Item descriptions (eg. measurement, material, color... ):
Photos: *Remember to insert credits for the photos you use as attachment in the emails.*
Delivery method: Postage/COD charges and places
Reason(s) of reselling:

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Reselling 126

Item 1: Studded Shorts
Item descriptions: material: satin. Bought from a boutique in Bangsar.
Price: RM20 (bought for RM45)
Delivery method: Poslaju
Reason(s) of reselling: Did not fit as well as I thought.
Item 2: Sexy Back
Item descriptions: -
Photos: Credits to Summeracres
Price: RM25 including postage (bought for RM29 including postage)
Delivery method: Registered post
Reason(s) of reselling: Have too many racerbacks

Item 3: Sexy Halter
Item descriptions: Bought from a boutique in Bangsar.
Price: RM15 (bought for RM40)
Delivery method: Poslaju
Reason(s) of reselling: Too many halters

If you are interested in any of the items as above (Reselling 125), please contact:

Name: Rachel

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Which is your favorite Preloved Blogshop for the Month of December 2009?